Ethical commitment
We, at PetroRio, are committed to efficient management as part of our DNA and ethics and good practices as imperatives for the development of our identity. In order to proceed with determination and achieve our goals, we must be attentive to the ethical implications of our actions and act with correctness and transparency, without becoming flattered by our success and aware of the values ​​that form us.
The guidelines of the Code of Ethics and Conduct raise the standard of excellence for our performance and guide us to do business in an increasingly safe manner, contributing to a respectful and reliable society.
In addition, Compliance standards help us in choosing our business and commercial partners, in identifying and dealing with non-compliant situations and in constantly improving our corporate action.
By conducting our operations with the highest ethical values, it allows assertive decisions and the continuity of PetroRio's business, which is only possible through an effective Compliance Program.
Board of Directors of Petro Rio S.A.
Compliance Program
PetroRio's Compliance Program is configured in a collection of processes and procedures that aim to guide and provide information to company employees and third parties that act on their behalf or in favor, in partnership or consortium, to conduct their activities in a ethical, integral and transparent. Also, highlight PetroRio's initiatives to fight corruption and other improper practices, creating security for shareholders and stakeholders.

More than providing tools that enable PetroRio to identify and treat nonconforming attitudes, the Program serves as an instrument for the pursuit of the company's objectives and strategies, proving to be essential to the continuity of business and the protection of corporate and employee reputation. of PetroRio.

Based on the recognition of the importance of confirming the ethical culture that is part of PetroRio's DNA, the Program, which was implemented on a voluntary basis, is the object of continuous and gradual improvements, observing, in addition to the changes in business risks, maturation of the Oil & Gas segment regarding the theme and good national and international practices.

Supported by the understanding that the company's greatest asset is people, the Program was designed under the pillar of TRAINING and COMMUNICATION - essential to the engagement and awareness of employees and third parties, and is divided into three principles: PREVENT, DETECT AND RESPOND, which reflect the main guidelines for promoting a more upright business environment, corporate citizenship.

The appointment of a professional to coordinate Compliance activities does not exclude the individual responsibility of each of the Company's employees. PetroRio understands that Compliance is everyone's responsibility!
PetroRio is a signatory to the Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption, an initiative of the Ethos Institute for Business and Social Responsibility. The principles of the Pact are based on the Charter of Principles of Social Responsibility, the UN Convention against Corruption, the 10th principle of the Global Compact and OECD guidelines. Our commitment is to promote a more honest and ethical market and to eradicate bribery and corruption.