In light of the current uncertain and volatile environment related to the spread of COVID-19, and the recent drop in Brent oil prices at the same time,

the Company has adopted several precautionary measures, and revised its business plan, having decided to delay all non-essential investments (CAPEX) in its current assets and reduce costs (OPEX and G&A) to weather the current scenario. These measures include:
Immediate reduction of POB (People on Board) and extension of onboard periods (with the purpose of reducing travel periods) for all assets the Company operates, keeping personnel movement to a minimum necessary in order to operate safely and efficiently.
Increased availability of protective equipment, and sanitation and hygiene products in onshore and offshore facilities directly associated to the Company’s production, particularly in locations with higher exposure.
Increased frequency of communication and awareness to all employees and service providers stationed in onshore and offshore locations.
Adoption of rapid tests and screening procedures at the airport, with support from registered nurses, of personnel boarding the platforms. This includes 48h monitoring before embarking to identify potential cases.
Employees located at corporate headquarters and onshore locations are working remotely (work-fromhome).
The launch of Tranquilamente: a program focuses on the mental health of our collaborators. During the entire period of absence, we will promote initiatives geared to the physical and mental wellbeing of our team, ensure better contact with psychologists and bring weekly newsletters with important updates during quarantine.