PetroRio works to deliver energy while caring for the environment. The Company is committed to higher efficiency as a main
attribute to reduce gas emissions and energy consumption, in order to minimize the environmental impact from our operations

CO2 emissions reduced by 17% from 2018 to 2019
Despite a 3x increase in Company production after Frade’s incorporation, PetroRio managed to reduce CO2 emissions per barrel produced. The reduction reflects our commitment to the environment through cleaner production.
43% reduction in Polvo’s gas flaring
The amount of gas flare in Polvo fell by 43%, when compared to 2014. In the same period, production reduced by just 15%, illustrating greater efficiency in the asset’s production.
5% reduction in energy consumption from 2018 to 2019
Production increased by 216% after Frade’s incorporation. In the same period, energy consumption was reduced by 5%, demonstrating a Company’s option for cleaner and more efficient assets.